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Sekal releases DrillScene version 4.5.1

Drilling Analyst

Apr 2020

Sekal releases DrillScene version 4.5.1 Sekal continues in taking the lead in Drilling Analytics and Autonomous Drilling with the latest release of DrillScene v 4.5.1, well renowned for its leading capabilities in real time analytics and decision making for drilling operations globally this new release provides three new capabilities:
  • Modelling of Mud Sweeps for improved fluids management throughout the wellbore
  • New Features & Improved Calculations for better mud pressure management
  • Improved Server Management and System Events for more user friendly operations.
Modelling of Sweeps: We have introduced modelling of sweeps by improving the way the system handles multiple fluids for both viscosity and density changes. The change from before is that viscosities is followed through the wellbore. Now both density and viscosity is followed through as a separate fluid optimizing real time pressure profiles. The cutting transport calculations are improved accordingly to handle multiple fluids within the wellbore simultaneously. New features & Improved calculations: Calculations handling additional pressure drop in surface mud supply system between top of string and the SPP sensor. Features that includes the standpipe, mud hoses and mud saver valves. This gives a more accurate calculation of the string pressure losses, especially when running casing with overdrive tool Server Management & System Events: With the new “Server Management” module, we introduce an easy way to configure and monitor all servers and modules needed for the system to run efficiently. A new dashboard in the client enables the user to track and monitor calculation modules. This simplify use and installation resulting in less labour-intensive monitoring. A new system events are introduced to let the user know any system issues such as configuration discrepancy, sensor failures, hardware failure or poor calculation quality. This makes it easy for users to early detect deteriorating situations before running into drilling operational challenges. For additional information please call Asbjørn Sola, VP Sales & Marketing, / mobil +47 907 71 525 / SkypeID John Graham Wearing, VP Americas, / mobil +1 713 443 0182 / SkypeID       

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