At Sekal we are powering change. We believe every well is drillable, every sidetrack is avoidable, and new drilling records are possible – safely.

By combining digital solutions with industrial technology, we are leading the transition to drilling autonomy, and setting the standard in real-time drilling diagnostics and optimization.

By harnessing the power of drilling autonomy

your teams can detect, mitigate, and intervene in drilling problems earlier and on an industrial scale. Our technology acts as your eyes, comparing data from the ongoing drilling operations with a real-time, digital model of the well, which dynamically adjusts according to the borehole conditions.

With this power you can:


Avoid costly sidetracks and operational mistakes


Improve efficiency and increase the rate of penetration


Increase safety through the avoidance of unwanted incidents


Drill faster and more efficiently to decrease CO2 emissions

More than 450 wells across the world have already seen the value of our digital solutions and analytics.

Empowered to push the boundaries of performance they have achieved safer, more consistent, and efficient drilling.

With our technology and expertise, we are powering autonomous drilling operations and creating a route to drill the undrillable.

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technical sidetracks



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