Digital Twin Technology
Real-time Drilling Engineering
Operation monitoring
Drilling Automation
Drilling Engineering

DrillExpect® enables sophisticated “what if” analyses during well planning and live operations to ensure optimal decision making

Planning Phase

Test of well plan

The well plan can be tested with a wide range of parameters to assure that the best plan is selected

By simulating the plan before operations, the drill team can prepare for possible challenges

During drilling operations


Used to run simulations of current situation to evaluate alternative drilling parameters and courses of action

Calculations are based on “offline” data typically fed in from DrillScene® or DrillExpect®


Lessons learned

Uses historical data to simulate & review past drilling operations, to provide lessons learned and develop best practices

DrillExpect® used to perform complex simulations to answer “what if?” questions, and may provide value in all drilling phases

The power of dynamic modeling

Sekal models capture the combined, complex dynamic effects that occur during transient conditions such as temperature evolution, pump start-ups, flow changes, string accelerations, and gel breaking.

Powered by the underlying Sekal core model

Our drilling optimization service applies our understanding of these dynamic effects to reduce operational uncertainty and risk. This means that clients can easily optimize drilling and tripping tasks in tight margin conditions or when downhole pressure fluctuations are critical to wellbore stability.

We can also simulate transient temperature evolution and its effect on downhole fluid properties, equivalent static density (ESD), equivalent circulating density (ECD), drilling and tripping operations and tool life in high-temperature wells.

We also conduct dynamic surge and swab simulations that factor in the pressure pulses that occur when displaced fluid breaks gel in the annulus. This enables drillers to optimize running speeds while minimizing formation stress.

Sekal solutions

Drilling advisor

We support client’s operation by simulating well properties before and during the drilling operations

Service level

DrillExpect® services

Advisory services

Planning and well strategy

“Live” drilling simulations

Post-well investigations

Digital Twin Technology

A digital twin is developed using Sekal’s sophisticated physical models and utilized to generate trend analysis

REAL-Time Drilling Engineering

Well data is captured and subsequently used to continuously update the digital twin, and thus the trend analysis used by the driller

Operation monitoring

The model is compared against realtime data, to reveal unusual patterns of behavior impacting the drilling operations

Drilling Automation

Insight from the simulation is translated into action; the driller receives decision support and is able to perform efficient and safe drilling