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Archer and Sekal enter contract with Equinor for Automatic Drilling Control Implementation on fixed platforms.

Jan 2024

Archer and Sekal are delighted to announce the signing of a contract with Equinor to provide Automatic Drilling Control and a real-time drilling engineering solution for rig operations. The comprehensive technology and services encompass DrillTronics (Drilling Automation), DrillScene (Real-time Transient Wellbore Monitoring), and DrillExpect (Wellbore Simulation). Sekal will be seamlessly integrated into the One Team Collaboration.

“This contract marks a significant increase in activity for Sekal, and we are thrilled to further strengthen our longstanding collaboration with Equinor. Offering this advanced technology alongside Archer on Equinor’s fixed platforms, contributes to a more efficient, safer, and sustainable industry,” states Sekal’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jarle Vaag.

“This demonstrates Archer’s dedication to digitalization and automation, aiming to reduce well construction costs and operational risks for our customers,” adds Remi Møvik, Project Manager for Automatic Drilling Control at Archer.

Sekal and Archer look forward to delivering Automatic Drilling Control on Gullfaks A/B/C, Snorre A/B, Visund and Heidrun, contributing to a successful team that consistently produces high-quality results.

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