Digital Twin Technology
Real-time Drilling Engineering
Operation monitoring
Drilling Automation
Operation monitoring

DrillScene® reveals and analyses wellbore conditions, improving performance and preventing unwanted events

DrillScene® utilizes real-time data and Sekal’s sophisticated model to discover minor deviations in well data for early notification of problematic situations

Key wellbore/drill string characteristics are configured and used as parameters in the physical models, building a true digital well twin

Configured/modelled trends include hook load, pit volume, SPP, surface torque, cutting transport and more, spanning the key drilling parameters

DrillScene® performs continuous trend analyses by comparing real-time data with the calculated output from the state- of-the art physical models

Discrepancies between these parameters allow early discovery of downhole issues and deviations from optimal process parameters

The model is compared against real-time data to reveal unusual behaviour, supported both by experienced Sekal operators with drilling expertise and AI- powered smart alarms

By doing this, DrillScene® is essential to safeguarding and optimization of the drilling operation

DrillScene® analyses well conditions and provides real-time trend analysis, optimizing drilling performance and avoiding unwanted well events

Real-time decision support that is easy to interpret and act on to ensure safe and optimal operations

Proactively avoidance of sidetracks by detection of potential hazards hours before they occur

Real-time simulation of ECD that enables drilling of complex wells with narrow pressure windows

Powered by the underlying Sekal core model

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Sekal provides real-time operation monitoring for its products through the Sekal operation centers.

Digital Twin Technology

A digital twin is developed using Sekal’s sophisticated physical models and utilized to generate trend analysis

REAL-Time Drilling Engineering

Well data is captured and subsequently used to continuously update the digital twin, and thus the trend analysis used by the driller

Operation monitoring

The model is compared against realtime data, to reveal unusual patterns of behavior impacting the drilling operations

Drilling Automation

Insight from the simulation is translated into action; the driller receives decision support and is able to perform efficient and safe drilling