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With our technology and expertise, we are powering autonomous drilling operations and creating a route to safely drill the undrillable.





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We offer powerful capabilities that turn real-time data into customer value at scale – already fortified by over 500 wells across the globe which have achieved safer, more consistent, and efficient drilling.

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New Frame agreement signed with Vår Energi

New Frame agreement signed with Vår Energi

Vår Energi has awarded Sekal a 2-year contract for Digital Twin Technology and Services using Sekal applications, DrillExpect, DrillScene and DrillTronics for all Vår Energi projects. Sekal sees the operational model agreed with Vår Energi as the optimal combination;...

Sekal receives extension of Equinor frame agreement

Sekal receives extension of Equinor frame agreement

Equinor has decided to exercise a contract option for Automated Drilling Control Support Services. Sekal’s frame agreement with Equinor comprise technology and services on several offshore assets. It represents a major part of Sekal’s activities in the North Sea, and...

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