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2020Park PRESS RELEASE: Appointment of new CEO of Sekal Continue Reading Drilling Analyst Press Release: Sekal AS awarded funding through the Research Council's program Continue Reading READ MORE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS Sekal AS is an international technology company offering uniquely powerful software systems and expertise for real-time dynamic monitoring and integrated drilling process automation in the oil and gas industry.

Sekal shaping the future of drilling

Sekal is the front runner and is shaping the future of drilling. We develop the most advanced software technology using pure physics in combination with machine learning and artificial intelligent techniques. We are currently creating history, undergo significant growth and seek the most skillful and best people when creating value to our customers. Automating and digitalizing the drilling process is the most exciting ongoing paradigm change in the oil & gas industry for decades. Sekal is the front runner!  We are shaping the future of drilling!

Drill with confidence

Drilling operations are moving to deeper waters, driving towards extended targets, with extreme HPHT conditions, more complex well paths and to ever tougher environments. As drilling operations become more demanding, the drilling industry is seeking systems and techniques that can support their teams in consistent delivery while ensuring safety, driving efficiency and controlling the risks involved. Sekal’s advanced software products DrillExpect™ DrillScene® and DrillTronics® optimize, adjust and control your drilling operations such that the machinery act correctly allowing you to drive your performance safely to a higher level. Our software is automating the drilling process!

Advanced technology

Our software compares data from the ongoing drilling operations with a digital twin which is a state-of-the-art real-time model of the well dynamically changed based on borehole conditions. This is used to early detect and predict incipient drilling problems and to take preventive actions either as automatic analytics or as directly optimizing the reaction of the drilling machine when supporting the driller. Our models and software products handle the most complex downhole conditions both for onshore as well as offshore operations including the most complex and challenging conditions experienced when drilling long deviated wells from semi-submersibles impacted by significant heave motions. We combine physical modeling with machine learning techniques to pick up and act early to deteriorating down hole conditions before running into trouble. We improve efficiency and reduce operational risk!

Drill with Confidence

We focus on helping clients enhance their operations and optimize drilling performance by applying trend analysis and dynamic modeling to predict changes in drilling conditions that will lead to delays, inefficiencies and invisible lost time.

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