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Sekal DrillScene engineering service onboard to assist OMV

Mar 2016

Sekal DrillScene engineering service onboard to assist OMV in drilling the critical Wisting Central II horizontal well section

Sekal DrillScene engineering personnel assisted OMV in the critical horizontal section of Wisting Central II. The horizontal section measured 1402 meters at a measured depth of 673 meters. The well profile was expected to be a challenge for the drilling operations from a drilling, technical and geomechanical perspective. Excellent planning and execution made the drilling operation a success.

Dag Helge Breivik, Drilling Manager OMV Norway, said, “The Wisting Central II well is the shallowest horizontal offshore well drilled from a floating drilling facility. The water depth is 402 meters. The well started vertical and was successfully steered into a horizontal orientation within a 250-meter depth interval.”

To ensure optimal drilling performance and understanding of well conditions, OMV established a control room offshore where all service providers were collocated and cooperated to provide the drilling team with analysis and advice.

“Drilling a long horizontal section poses significant hole-cleaning challenges. Optimizing drilling parameters and avoiding stuck pipe requires a good understanding of well conditions and where the cuttings are at all times,” says Egill Abrahamsen, Vice President Technical Sales, and continues, “The DrillScene technology allowed us to dynamically simulate the cuttings movements and provide ad-hoc hole condition analysis and advice to the drilling manager.”

To support the drilling operation the engineers performed successful DrillScene real-time parameter validation, monitoring and trend analysis, and look-ahead simulations throughout the demanding well section.

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