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Sekal and Kongsberg Digital sign major joint collaboration and development agreement

Oct 2016

A new collaboration and development agreement between Sekal and Kongsberg Digital will integrate DrillScene® advanced monitoring and trend analysis functionality with SiteCom® real-time data aggregation and visualization solution, including SiteCom Well Advisor.

Under the agreement terms, the SiteCom consoles will include dynamic modeling and analysis capabilities that the DrillScene solution delivers, building a unique real-time drilling data analysis and dynamic monitoring functionality used for more-informed drilling decisions.

By combining the extensive real-time data accessed through SiteCom and the real-time modeling capabilities of DrillScene, a powerful, new set of performance consoles will be created. This will drive drilling performance optimization and help operational teams achieve more effective hole-cleaning, and improved wellbore stability. The new integrated system is already successfully being used by a major oil and gas operator.

Hege Skryseth, CEO Kongsberg Digital, says, “SiteCom has established a strong position in the digital infrastructure used by oil and gas operators. The partnership with Sekal will give our customers access to even more effective solutions and a wider range of options. This collaboration agreement will provide operators and service companies with best-in-class, real-time decision support software and help them optimize drilling performance.”

Across the oil and gas industry, there is a sustained drive to maximize the value of data, as Sveinung Lofthus, CEO Sekal, explains, “Operators want to make better use of real-time data during well-construction and to be more proactive in how they manage their operations. Bringing DrillScene and SiteCom together will provide operators with powerful, impartial analysis and symptom detection capabilities that can identify issues minutes or even hours before they start to cause problems.”


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