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Saudi Aramco’s Drilling Operations have awarded SEKAL a contract to deploy DrillScene and DrillExpect on multiple wells to be monitored by Aramco’s Real Time Operating Center (RTOC) in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

SEKAL views Aramco’s ambitions and range of complimenting initiatives towards improving digital solutions through artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, to be well in line with Sekal’s own technology roadmap. Given Aramco’s multitude of simultaneous drilling operations, this platform serves as a perfect match and challenge for Sekal when scaling up its DrillScene Automatic Event Detection system. Our ambition by this program is to demonstrate significant product value and strengthen our ability to support Aramco RTOC teams in meeting stretch targets and goals in drilling optimization and operational efficiency.

We thank Aramco’s Drilling team for this opportunity and see it as a first step in bringing automation to Aramco’s drilling operations.

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