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Press Release: Sekal AS awarded funding through the Research Council’s program

Drilling Analyst

Jun 2020

Sekal AS is delighted to announce that our DrillTronics technology are fully integrated to the NOV – NOVOS version 4.1 and been awarded funding through the Research Council’s program to demonstrate our Smart Drilling Automation Application on the Johan Sverdrup drilling platform in close cooperation with Equinor.

This confirms Sekal’s position as a front runner and a world-leading company in automating and digitalizing the drilling process to ensure safer, faster, more predictable and efficient drilling deliveries.

Sekal continues to improve the most advanced software technologies combining pure physics with machine learning and artificial intelligent techniques.

‘’This award has a significant positive impact on our ability to grow and bring advanced research into world class usable technologies in the best interest of our employees and clients. We also see this learning beneficial to other projects we participate in, such as geothermic drilling for green energy’’ says Sveinung Lofthus, Sekal CEO

“The Government’s ambition is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, costs and contribute to more efficient operation of the Norwegian continental shelf. We do this, among other things, by facilitating the testing and demonstration of new technologies. The projects will help secure jobs and high competence in the companies that have received support”, says oil and energy minister Tina Bru

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