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New Frame agreement signed with Vår Energi

Jun 2022

Vår Energi has awarded Sekal a 2-year contract for Digital Twin Technology and Services using Sekal applications, DrillExpect, DrillScene and DrillTronics for all Vår Energi projects.

Sekal sees the operational model agreed with Vår Energi as the optimal combination; Software service together with remote and inhouse support, all using the same digital twin but with different objectives. One for planning and simulations to optimize the performance (DrillExpect), one for early identification of deteriorating wellbore conditions (DrillScene) and one for assisting the drillers in critical situations (DrillTronics).

Oil and gas operators are now adapting to use our well proven technology in a large scale. Sekal contributes to fewer rig days, fewer supply runs and limit’s chance of adverse events: Rystad Energy’s study indicates a ~17 % reduction potential in CO2 emissions during drilling process through Sekal soluations.

“We are proud to be offering this technology to the market and are looking forward to embarking on the first installations with DrillTronics for Vår Energi under the new agreement which is the result of the dedicated work done by Vår Energi and the Sekal team utilizing Sekal’s DrillScene and DrillExpect solutions to improve the efficiency of the operation.”, says Sekal`s Chief Commercial Officer, Jarle Vaag. The first installations are planned to be finalized at the end of May 2022 to be ready for operations in June 2022.

Sekal looks forward to supporting Vår Energi and being part of a successful team delivering quality results.

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