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Drilling management results in successful projects

Jan 2004

IADC Drilling Contractor magazine:

Drilling management results in successful projects

DEEPWATER PROJECTS INVOLVE multiple challenges of new technology, geological uncertainty and, often, a fast track approach. The well’s portion of the total project cost often exceeds 50%. The huge price for intervention activi- ties later in the life of these wells requires that the initial completion remain in place and function as planned for a long time.

The author will describe a methodology that has been successfully applied with repeatable best in class results
in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico. This methodology addresses the need that teams are organized to fit the project (not the other way around) and that systems integration is treated as a high priority. Deep- water exploration and develop- ment wells will be discussed, including a horizontal develop- ment well and an exploration well drilled from a semisub- mersible rig.


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