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The Research Council of Norway grants funding for Sekal and NORCE project

Dec 2019

The Research Council has granted a two year funding to our project for Automatic Drilling Model Configuration. This is an important research and development project that will ease the use of systems like DrillScene and DrillTronics. Equinor is project partner and will also contribute with funding in addition to the funding from the Research Council of Norway. The project goal is to replace the time consuming and manual configuration work needed in real time drilling operation software with fully automated processes and available sensor data to deduce the system’s main characteristics such as the pipe dimensions, elastic and the fluid’s base properties.

Sekal appreciate this support from the Norwegian Research Council and see this project as an important step forward in our ambition in optimizing the drilling process and to make it more efficient, safer and predictable either when drilling for oil and gas resources, for CO2 storage, geothermal energy or water supply.

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