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Digital Energy Journal / Finding Petroleum magazine:

Sekal – supporting drilling with real-time data and physics

Sekal, a start-up company in Stavanger, is commercialising real-time solutions that advise drillers upon how best to progress their drilling program within the operational limits of the well bore and down hole equipment.

Sekal, a start-up company based in Stavanger, has developed real-time solutions that help drillers drill as efficiently and safely as the well bore and down hole equipment will allow.

Using real-time data gathered at the rig site, the real-time solutions maintain coupled calibration and modelling of the hydraulic, mechanic and thermodynamic parameters, giving a consistent and complete overview of the drilling operation in the well bore.

Read more: http://www.findingpetroleum.com/n/Sekal_supporting_drilling_with_realtime_data_and_physics/b879e6c0.aspx#ixzz2JZcDk1Bf

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