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Response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Drilling Analyst

Mar 2020

Sekal have like many other companies moved its workforce to home offices from 11th March. As a cloud-based company, that have always worked with remote servers, the transition was smooth.

Our DrillScene (real time drilling analytics), DrillExpect services (operational look ahead and what if simulations) and DrillTronics (drilling automation and wellbore protection) is all up and running including an extra quality control support service performed by our most senior drilling advisers. We have limited our vulnerable for a shutdown in case one of our staffs should becoming infected. So far (24th March) there are no reported cases within Sekal.

Sekal will continue to deliver real-time service and simulations without interruptions. Our monitoring teams utilize our tools to early identify and advice our clients through this challenging period. For the time being we will keep in touch on-line and on the phone since face to face meetings are limited. We look forward to seeing you all in person when this outbreak is over.

Sekal are available 24/7 to support existing and new clients. We can be reached as normal on phone, mail, skype for business or via Microsoft Teams.

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