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Open position for Drilling Analyst/Drilling Advisor

Jan 2019

As Sekal AS continues to gain more business in Norway and internationally, we are growing the organization and looking to hire Drilling -Engineers/-Analysts/-Advisors to join our Operations team in Stavanger, Norway.

Sekal AS is looking for a proactive and flexible individual with experience in drilling operations with an interest in and understanding of IT and software. Relevant candidates should have a Degree in Engineering or Geoscience. The candidate’s domain knowledge will be applied on onshore and offshore drilling operations to prepare, maintain and deploy Sekal AS modeling applications.

As a Drilling Analyst/Drilling Advisor you will provide early warnings to help the client to prevent or eliminate drilling problems such as formations of fluid influx, well-bore instability, stuck pipe etc., ultimately improving performance of the drilling process. You will be working in an innovative and expanding working environment, with possibilities to develop your career in Sekal.

The position is part of Sekal 24/7-rotation scheme. Some occasionally work abroad is part of this position.

Read more about the position here.

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