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Sekal to install DrillTronics on five Transocean harsh environment semi-submersible drilling rigs

Feb 2019

Transocean, the world’s largest Deep Water Drilling Contractors, and Sekal, the world’s leading provider of model-based automatic drilling control systems (DrillTronics),  have collaborated to integrate the DrillTronics technology on four semi-submersible drilling rigs, all operating on long term contracts for Equinor in the North Atlantic and Barents Sea region. The award also includes an upgrade on one drilling rig were the system has been in successful use since September 2017.

For generations Transocean have led the offshore drilling industry with the most innovative and sophisticated technology, and Sekal is thrilled to become a part of Transocean’s goal in driving operational excellence. Transocean, with their modern rig fleet, harsh environment experience and skilled personnel, in cooperation with Equinor, is perfect partners for Sekal when fully automating the drilling process, supporting the drillers to achieve optimal operational performance.
This is a motivating and proud day for all Sekal’s employees. We look forward to taking on this task, assisting our valuable clients in their ambition to consistently deliver best in class performance. We also see this as a validation of Sekal’s leading position in automation of the drilling industry.
Sekal looks forward to work closely with the Transocean and Equinor teams in the years to come.

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